[virt-tools-list] enable issues here: https://github.com/virt-manager/virt-manager

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Sun Mar 20 21:24:29 UTC 2016

On 03/20/2016 05:20 PM, Ivan Brewis wrote:
> Hi

Hi Ivan

> Tool looks great!  But Ubuntu install is version 0.9.5, Git looks like version
> 1.3.2 is almost ready.
> Please enable issues in Github to move this project forward.  The readme and
> other areas could use some help which others may be able to give with a bit
> more interaction.

Issues are deliberately not enabled because we have a pre-existing bug
tracker. Details are here: https://virt-manager.org/bugs/

> I tried but cannot get source to setup or run, error:
>     sudo python setup.py install
>     running install
>     Using sysprefix=/usr
>     running build
>     Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-manager
>     Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-install
>     Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-clone
>     Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-convert
>     Generating /home/ivan/virmanager/virt-manager/build/virt-xml
>     Generating man/virt-xml.1
>     Generating man/virt-install.1
>     Generating man/virt-convert.1
>     Generating man/virt-clone.1
>     Generating man/virt-manager.1
>     running build_i18n
>     Writing po/POTFILES.in
>     intltool-update -p -g virt-manager
>     unable to execute 'intltool-update': No such file or directory
>     Removing po/POTFILES.in
>     error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'po/POTFILES.in'

You are missing /usr/bin/intltool-update. On Fedora at least the package is
called 'intltool'

- Cole

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