[virt-tools-list] edit network while running

Ratliff, John jdratlif at iu.edu
Wed May 2 14:34:06 UTC 2018

Thanks. I thought this made sense, but I didn’t understand the docs. I found a blog post that showed some of it, though I still don't fully understand all the options.

virsh net-update default add-last ip-dhcp-host '<host name="rhel7-master" mac="52:54:00:5c:1d:d7" ip=""/>' --live --config
virsh net-update default delete ip-dhcp-host '<host ip=""/>' --live --config

These seem to do what I want.

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On Wed, May 02, 2018 at 01:48:23PM +0000, Ratliff, John wrote:
> Is there a way to restart dnsmasq with a new configuration in net-edit 
> without destroy/start the network?
> I want to add host reservations when new machines are added, but if I 
> do a destroy/start, all the other running hosts lose networking.

It isn't well documented, but the 'virsh net-update' command is what you wnat. It allows you add/remove DHCP host mappings on the fly

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