still trying to transfer files to and from braillelite

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sun May 16 16:09:14 UTC 2004

Ok, Kirk, two questions here.
I seem to remember reading in the braillelite manual that at 38400 only 
one-page files could be transfered; but that might be only with modem 
secondly, the problem I ran into with cat was that the braillelite seemed 
to need you to have a file open and if the file wasn't big enough I would 
get "file is full" from the braillelite. but I wasn't using hardware 
handshaking; will try that.
Finally, in my lilo.conf, my serial line currently has this serial port 
set at 9600; would this be what my serial port is running or is there some 
other way to check and/or change it? The lilo man page doesn't appear to 
list anything higher than 9600 as an option, though I know of course with 
something like minicom higher settings are given.


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