boot cd for Fedora Core 3

Dave Mielke dave at
Sat Nov 20 19:54:09 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by Nath on 2004/11/20 at 11:22 +0100]

>First I grabbed the braillified installer and boot from the cd. At boot
>prompt I typed :
>text brltty=pm,usb:
>Unfortunatly no braille appeared on my braille display, brltty was not
>loaded at all since I didn't hear any brltty's beeps.

I don't hear any beeps either, but brltty does start. The lack of beeps in the
installer is probably similar to the fact that you don't hear beeps either once
FC3 is booted. The reason is that the kernel module pcspkr needs to be
modprobed in order for beeps to work, and because they don't do that by

>So I decided to make the Fc3 disk 1 with the rhmkiso script from svn
>repository but no luck it seems it requires a e2fsck version newer than
>the one which is installed on my Debian sarge system. I have the 1.35
>version (february 2004).

That turned out to be a problem even for FC2 users, although I didn't realize
it until after having posted that message. A subsequent update to rhmkiso deals
with that problem as well.

>Do you think it doesn't  work because my braille display is an usb
>braille display ?

Just now, i.e. immediately before writing this reply, I wrote the brlfc3i.iso
image from BRLTTY's download page to a CD and tested it. It works for me for
both serial and USB devices.

>As sommeone ever successfully got braille support with this braillified
>Fc3 installer ? 

As the maintainer of a project, users usually only get in touch with me when
they have problems. I rarely ever hear about successes. :-) That's okay though,
as that's why I'm here.

>and particularly if you have a Papenmeier BRAILLEX EL40S?

No. I used a Papenmeier BrailleX 2D for serial testing, and a Voyager for USB

>Of course Dave i think you successfully started with this iso and
>braille support ?

Actually, today was the first time I tested it for myself. I knew it'd work
though, so I wasn't worried.

>The brltty's version included is the 3.6 ?

Yes, 3.6 is in the installer image.

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