Mystery Partition: Was Re: Creating Swap Areas

John J. Boyer director at
Wed Oct 6 14:30:52 UTC 2004


Thanks for the research. My helper may well have made a type. The original 
partitioning was set up by Windows XP Pro, because we installed that 
first. So I'm going to see if Windows knows what that partition is. If it 
doesn't, I think I'll change it to FAT32, so I can use it as a medium for 
transferring filles between Linux and Windows.

The swap file I set up is still unused. I'm using ReiserFS, so the loss of 
efficiency may not be great.


On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> Hi John.
> I tried several times yesterday to look up that partition type on google 
> yesterday. the only thing I could figure out was that it appeared to be 
> listed as some kind of old linux partition. In some of the entries, there 
> was also something about concurrent DOS. I'm wondering if your helper 
> meant to do this or if he did a typo when choosing partition types though, 
> except for the swap partition, he shouldn't have had to change the 
> partition codes. Maybe he was trying to do a swap partition, though it's 
> my understanding, unless this has changed, that 2GB is the largest useable 
> partition for swap linux can handle in i386 architecture; I think nothing 
> bad happens if you use a larger space but it may be just wasted. But I 
> could be totally off track here; I do think tim is probably quite right 
> and after you check it out you could make it into something else.
> I really bet your helper was trying to do swap and did a typo.

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