Questions about installing Gnopernicus.

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Oct 13 19:46:17 UTC 2004

Well, you can certainly earn a living running Linux as a blind user, but
not with Gnopernicus. At least, not yet.

I don't know what your skills are, but my comment that Gnopernicus was
stable in my recent experience should not be taken to mean more than
that. In other words, I'm finally able to begin looking at how it works
with applications. And, I am doing that a little bit at a time. But,
most of the things I need day in and day out I'm already doing on the
console, so I'm certainly not holding my breath for Gnopernicus just so
I can use Linux. Quite the opposite.

John Heim writes:
> At 12:55 PM 10/12/2004, Janina Sajka you wrote:
> >No. And, I will voluntarily add that I have found gnopernicus quite
> >stable since about August. That's news, by the way.
> Stable enough to be used at work? I mean, can I earn a living on a linux 
> box  running gnopernicus? That would make me very happy.
> I write primarily linux apps but I do most of my editing on a Windows 
> machine accessing the files via samba. But I hate JAWS. Worst piece of 
> software over $15. And it's WAY over $15.
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