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Tue Aug 23 20:51:35 UTC 2005

[quoted lines by Karl Dahlke on 2005/08/23 at 16:16 +0000]

>Of course the Bible is mostly myth and nonsense,
>but one should still read it, the way you read Homer's Iliad, for entertainment
>and historical perspective.

The Bible has been written by no less than God Himself so that mankind can know
at least two things: 

First: That he, i.e. each and every single member of the human race, is totally
lost to and infested by sin, and, therefore, rightly deserves to endure no less
than an indescribably horrifying eternity in Hell under God's relentless and
unbearable wrath. 

Second: That that very same God took upon Himself a human nature, in the person
of Jesus Christ, and personally paid that very same indescribably horrifying
eternity in Hell under His own relentless and unbearable wrath on behalf of
those whom God has elected to salvation so that they themselves no longer need
to personally suffer that fate.

I welcome anyone who'd like to engage in serious discussion on any Biblically
related topic to contact me privately so that they can avoid not only being
charged with an off-topic post but also the foolish ridicule of those who
insist on mocking His Almighty Majesty, the Creator, Ruler, and Judge of this
entire universe and all that is therein. May God have mercy on at least some
more of them before time runs out (which, according to careful and thorough
Biblical analysis, will most likely occur in just six short years, i.e. in

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