kde accessibility + brltty

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Jul 20 20:22:53 UTC 2005

Hi, Andor:

Andor Demarteau writes:
> On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Janina,
>  > Yes, in a word. This is an agreement reached through the FSG
>  > Accessibility WG.
> nice.
>  > The short version of what is agreed is that the AT-SPI will provide the
>  > mechanism for passing data between AT and accessibility aware
>  > applications. We have agreed on a "Many Worlds" concept for how those
>  > messages might be passed to the AT-SPI from the applications. For
>  > instance, KDE will likely implement over dbus, while Gnome is using
>  > Corba. But these are the "under the hood" details that don't really
>  > matter to AT (like Gnopernicus, Gok, or some other AT) as long as it
>  > uses the AT-SPI.
> ah corba is quite nice :)
Uh, the QT/KDE developers don't seem to think so! <grin> But, that's why
it's such good news that we're standardizing on a messaging interface,
and not a particular set of tools for creating those messages.

So, if QT/KDE developers think that D-Bus is nice, and Corba isn't,
they're still supporting accessibility through the AT-SPI.

> if qt gets accessible we also could think of getting things like qtopia
> (trolltech's pda-windoing stuff) accessible as it is qt-based
> simular as opie and gpe graphical systems for pda's smartphones which are
> developted by handhelds.org
> ultimately that would mean fully accessible pda's and smartphones, nice.

It will take time, but that's where we're going.


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