xm pcr and timeshifting under linux with speakup

John G. Heim jheim at wisc.edu
Mon May 16 16:27:15 UTC 2005

There is a howto on timeshifting radio for linux. See 

I have downloaded and am using the scripts that are linked to on that page. 
They're not bad. They're not exactly the way i'd do things but they're not 
bad. You use cron to run these scripts and they'll create a directory for 
each day. Your files will be stored in those directories. So if you record 
2 or 3 shows a day, all of them will be in one directory. I'd have created 
a folder for each sho and put the files in the directory with a date 
stamped name.

It would be easy enough to change the scripts to do that but I haven't 
bothered yet. One of these days...

At 01:50 PM 5/14/2005, you wrote:
>I run windows 98 on a machine which has an xm pc/r attached to it.  One of
>the programs I use is called "timetracks."  I can record the content of the
>xm radio, and save it for playback later.  Because of my stupidity, the
>win98 machine got a rather serious virus, and needs to be set up again.  If
>I install linux, are there software options available which would mimic the
>timetracks software, and work with speakup?
>Thanks for any help.
>If I chose to install
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