liblouis braille translator and back-translator now available

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Thu Sep 15 12:22:59 UTC 2005


That was very nice, but imho if you want people to take this thing seriously 
you'll have to get it organized. If you produce a text file with the front 
end documentation in back it turns people off, and telling them they should 
have used the HTML version instead does not suffice.. Producing a quick ref 
guide which has the headers of the library file in it may be quick ref for 
people dissatisfied with your front end but it's distressing to those of us 
who want to find out quickly how to translate something.

Since this is based on old brltty tables anyway (not those in subversion) 
there's little reason to struggle with it. I'll wait to see how it develops.

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