Solaris 10 installation with braille display

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Haven't seen a response to this one.  It probably depends on the hardware architecture of the machine on which you're installing the OS.  Assuming this is a SPARC based machine, and Failing other solutions, the one I've always used for earlier versions of Solaris, is to connect a PC running Windows and a screen reader to the Solaris box via a serial lead.  In the past (though I don't have any experience of Solaris 10), this worked fine even for Solaris workstations, though admittedly my info is probably way out-of-date (you need to ensure that there is no "native" keyboard connected to the machine so that it looks for I/O from it serial port).  If anyone can update this info so much the better.

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Is it possible to use a braille display during the Solaris 10 installation 
process? If it is, how can it be done? I'm blind so it'd be great if I could 
use my braille display throughout the installation.


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