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Tue Mar 28 14:57:35 UTC 2006

Jaws just about always skips blank lines; that's one of the reasons I prefer 
brltty in Cygwin. (For the benefit of speech users, that's C y g w i n.)

If it's in a message you're writing, you could put a space at the beginning 
of the line (as I did in the blank line above) and that might work; if it's 
in a message you're reading you could use the computer's arrow keys with the 
PC cursor active to test for them.

I've been wondering whether emacSPEAK (or however you capitalize it) would 
work in Cygwin. As Samuel mentioned, brltty works for braille in Cygwin. 
I've never used its speech facilities and don't know whether they would be 
adequate in the first place or work in Cygwin in the second.

Check the Jaws configuration manager. There are some options for saying 
blank lines scattered around and depending on what you're doing they might 
be helpful.

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