accessing my linux box via telnet

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu May 3 15:11:05 UTC 2007

> even if you can't use ssh/putty, don't use telnet for 
> login-sessions at all.

If it's purely on a local wired network, it's not so bad.  I
still prefer encrypted connections.

Another alternative is to use a one-time password (OTP)
configuration.  This can safely be used across telnet, as the
password is used once and discarded.  I haven't set something
like this up under Linux, but it's pretty easy under OpenBSD.  It
comes with the downside that you need to carry your list of OTPs
with you and remove them from your list once you've used them.
Telnet with OTP is safe as long as you don't send/receive any
confidential information over the wire (such as attempting to
change your password, logging into a 3rd machine from your home
machine, dumping a private-key file to the console, or getting
your next list of OTPs) during your telnet session.

A little research/googling on keywords such as

	linux otp s/key

should bring back some how-to instructions on getting it set up.
I think the "OPIE" package may be required.  Adding that to your
query might help.

> if on the same network and you are the only nerd on it :) 
> telnet is fine thatis IF AND ONLY IF the network is cabled and
> NOT wireless in which case

Good point about the wireless.  If it's wired and you or just
your family are the only ones on that network, internally
telnetting is no big deal.  If your kid sister is running
Wireshark and sniffing your telnet passwords, you have a lot more
trouble than just using telnet. (grins)


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