XSLT styled XML via Lynx?

Mario Lang mlang at teleweb.at
Fri May 30 06:37:36 UTC 2008


XML and XSLT is increasingly being used on the web.
For a simple example of what I am talking about, see
the following link: http://xml.frquadrat.de/info.xml (and info.xslt).
(View those files in plain-text).

Now, modern browsers already include an XSLT processor and can handle
the rendering of that info.xml to HTML at the client side.
I am not expecting lynx to link to an XSLT processor, but,
xsltproc, the command-line tool from libxml2, does already
handle XML files with embedded stylesheet links.
I.e., the following command works:

xsltproc http://xml.frquadrat.de/info.xml | lynx -stdin

Does anyone know a relatively simple way to teach
lynx to automatically do this step whenever hitting on
a text/xml mime type?

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