Using orca / brltty with Freedom scientific PacMate

John G. Heim jheim at
Wed May 27 21:07:14 UTC 2009

I have never used brltty with orca but I've used brltty at the console with 
a Pac Mate. It may depend on what flavor of linux you have. On a debian 
system, you need to edit /etc/brltty.conf and uncomment the lines for 
freedom scientific braille drivers. Open the file and search 'freedom'. The 
first time, you need to  uncomment the line your search lands on. The next 
time, you need to uncomment the 2 lines just below.

1. Search for 'freedom', change:

#braille-driver fs # FreedomScientific


braille-driver fs # FreedomScientific

2. Search again and change:

# FreedomScientific Braille Driver Parameters
#braille-parameters fs:DebugPackets=no # [no,yes]
#braille-parameters fs:StatusCells= # [0,n,-n]


# FreedomScientific Braille Driver Parameters
braille-parameters fs:DebugPackets=no # [no,yes]
braille-parameters fs:StatusCells= # [0,n,-n]

Or maybe it would just be easier to make a file like this:

braille-driver  fs      # FreedomScientific
braille-parameters fs:DebugPackets=no # [no,yes]
braille-parameters fs:StatusCells= # [0,n,-n]

Everything else in the file is commented out.

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>I tried using the above braille display on Ubuntu 9.04 system with Orca and
> brltty.
> I have seen no response on the braille display.
> does any one knows what options should I pass to brltty when starting it 
> so
> it would work with PacMate braille display?
> -- 
> Ori Idan


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