debian vs vinux?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Sun Jun 5 16:35:27 UTC 2011

Hi again,
well I am not a total newbie, have been on a few lists for a few years. 
still I am not fond of tinkering with my machine either.  Finally have 
someone here  in Toronto who I can trust and who really understands my 
computing needs.
do send me the link to join the vinux list, I have some specific questions 
as to  things I wish to be able to do, programs I hope to run etc.
As for the specs for my IBM thinkpad 560 f, this is likely more than one 
might want to know, but I will just paste all the details below.
Thanks again,
    Thinkpad 560 specs
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    BIOS (7s)
    ROM Size 128KB
    ROM Shadowing Yes
    Keyboard Speed Setting Yes
    Processor Speed Setting Switch/Software ???
    Plug and Play (PnP) Support ???
    Quick POST Yes
    Setup and Diagnostics
    Stored on Hard Disk/Flash ROM Flash ROM
    VESA APM Support Yes (8z)
    DPMS Support ???
    Rapid Resume Yes
    LED Indicators Yes
    Math Coprocessor Integrated into processor
    Coprocessor Speed (MHz) 100 (50A/50C)
    120 (E0A/E0C)
    133 (F0D/F0E/F0G)
    8/16/32-bit Controller 16
    Video Chip Set ???
    Local Bus Yes (PCI)
    Video Accelerator Yes
    Bus Master ???
    Video Memory (Standard) 1MB
    Video Memory (Maximum) 1MB
    Maximum Graphics with LCD SVGA
    Concurrent Use with External Monitor Yes - Both are active
    Type of Monitor Supported VGA/SVGA
    Maximum Resolution/Colors 1024x768x256-Colors (NI)
    Technology Thin-Film Transistor (TFT)
    Dimensions (Diagonal) 12.1"
    # of Colors Concurrently 64K
    Color Palette 64K Colors
    Contrast Ratio ???
    Non-interlaced Yes
    Detachable No
    Screen Tilt 180�
    BUILT-IN DISPLAY Color LCD (50A/50C)
    Technology Dual-Scan Twisted Nematic (DSTN)
    Dimensions (Diagonal) 11.3"
    # of Colors Concurrently 256
    Color Palette ??? Colors
    Contrast Ratio ???
    Non-interlaced Yes
    Detachable No
    Screen Tilt 135�
    Mwave DSP No
    SoundBlaster Pro Compatible Yes (???????? chip)
    Microphone Built-In Yes
    Speaker(s) Built-In Yes
    Stereo Audio/Voice Playback Yes
    Stereo Input Jack Yes
    Stereo Headphone/Speaker Jack Yes
    MIDI/Joystick Port Yes
    Volume Control Slider Yes
    Audio Drivers N/A
    Enhanced Video Card ???
    Built-in TrackPoint III on Keybd Yes
    PS/2-Type Mouse Port Yes (3t)(4v)
    Supports DMA Data Transfer No
    Maximum Ports Supported 1
    9/25-Pin 9-pin
    UART Chip Used NS16550-compatible
    FIFO Mode Enabled ???
    Maximum Speed (bits/second) ???
    Supports DMA Data Transfer No
    Supports ECP/EPP Transfers EPP
    Maximum Ports Supported 1
    Bi-directional Yes
    Data Transfer/Printing Both
    Supports IBM Mode (1.15 Mbps) No
    Supports HP Mode (9.6-115 Kbps) Yes (4q)
    Supports Sharp Mode (9.6 Kbps) No
    File Transfer Software Included Yes
    SCSI PORT ???
    CMOS Battery Life (years) 5
    Replaceable Yes (Dealer Only)
    Battery Yes
    AC Adapter Included Yes (35W)
    Quick Charge Feature ???
    Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter ???
    Number of Batteries Supplied 1
    Battery Type Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
    Battery Pack Specs 10.8V, 2.2AH
    Length of Battery Charge (hrs) 3
    Battery Charging While Operating ?.? - ?.? hours
    Powered Off or In Suspend Mode ?.? - ?.? hours
    Battery "Fuel Gauge" Software ???
    Battery Discharge Utility Included ???
    Non-Disruptive Battery Exchange ???
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    Number of PCMCIA Type I/II/III Slots 0/0/1 (4f)
    IBM 3545 ThinkPad Dock I System No
    IBM 3546 ThinkPad Dock II System No
    IBM 3547 ThinkPad SelectaDock I No
    IBM ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator Optional
    IBM ThinkPad Replicator Model I No
    IBM ThinkPad Replicator Model II No
    IBM ThinkPad SelectaDock Base Model I No
    IBM PC/DOS 7.0,J7.0/V, or later
    IBM OS/2 Warp/Warp Connect 3.0, or later
    IBM OS/2 Warp Server 4.0, or later
    IBM OS/2 Warp-Japanese 3.0, or later (F0D)
    MS DOS 6.22, or later
    MS Windows 3.11, or later
    MS Windows for Workgroups 3.11, or later
    MS Windows NT Workstation 3.51, or later
    MS Windows 95 1.0, or later
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    Bus Type PCI/ISA
    Microprocessor Pentium
    Uses 3.3 Volt Technology Yes
    Clock Multiplying Yes (1.5X) (50A/50C)
    Yes (2X) (E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G)
    Clock Speed (MHz)
    Internal 100 (50A/50C)
    External 66 (50A/50C)
    Internal 120 (E0A/E0C)
    External 60 (E0A/E0C)
    Internal 133 (F0D/F0E/F0G)
    External 66 (F0D/F0E/F0G)
    Processor Cache Controller Yes (4u)
    Standard Internal Cache 16K
    Standard External Cache 0K
    Maximum External Cache 0K
    Instruction Set 32 bit
    Addressing 32 Bit
    I/O Channel Width 32 bit
    Upgradeable Processor No
    Interrupt Levels 15
    Type (ISA) Edge-triggered, non-shareable
    Type (PCI) Level-sensitive, shareable
    Maximum Bus Data Transfer Rates
    ISA Burst Transfer Mode 8 Mbytes/second
    PCI Burst Transfer Mode 132 Mbytes/second
    DMA Channels 7
    DMA Burst Mode Supported ???
    24/32-bit DMA Controller 32
    Memory Interleaving Yes
    Page Memory Logic Yes
    Bus Masters Supported Yes
    RAM on Motherboard
    Standard Motherboard RAM 8MB (2r)(7t)
    Maximum Motherboard RAM 40MB (3d)
    Memory Sockets Total/Available 2/2 (3d)
    RAM Speed (ns) 70
    RAM Type Supported 64-bit EDO DIMMs (3d)
    DIMMs Supported 8MB/16MB/32MB (3d)
    Wait States 0
    ECC/Parity Support No
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    Selectable Boot ???
    Bootable Physical Drives ???
    Internal Drive Bays in System 2
    Number of 2.5"/3.5"/5.25" 1/1/0
    Number of 2.5"/3.5"/5.25" Available 0/0/0
    Number of PCMCIA Type I/II/III Slots 0/0/1 (4f)
    Number of PCMCIA Slots Available 0/0/1 (4f)
    PCMCIA Specification Supported V2.01
    PCMCIA Socket Services Specification V2.0
    Standard Drive(s) 1 x 1.44MB
    Media Sensing ???
    Removable Yes
    Internal Drives Supported 0
    External Drives Supported 1
    Maximum Drives Supported 1
    Optional Drives
    5.25" 360K No
    5.25" 1.2MB No
    3.5" 720K No
    3.5" 1.44MB No
    3.5" 2.88MB No
    Standard Hard Disk Controller Type Enhanced IDE (EIDE) |
    Adapter/Motherboard Motherboard
    Controllers Supported per System 1
    Devices Supported per Controller 1
    Standard Hard Disk (Removable) 810MB (50A/50C/E0A/E0C)
    1.08GB (F0D/F0E/F0G)
    Encoding Method "No ID Sectoring"
    Drive Form Factor 2.5"
    Average Access Rate (ms) 12.5 ms (810MB)
    8.1 ms (1.08GB)
    Hard Disk Data Transfer/second 8.3 Mbits/sec (810MB)
    ??.?-??.? Mbits/sec (1.08GB)
    Rotational Speed (RPMs) ???
    Average Latency (ms) 7.5 (810MB)
    ?.? (1.08GB)
    Number of Heads 16 logical (810MB)
    ??? (1.08GB)
    Number of Platters ???
    Sectors per Track 63 (810MB)
    ??? (1.08GB)
    Number of Cylinders 1571 (810MB)
    ??? (1.08GB)
    Sector Interleave 1:1
    Buffer Size ???KB (810MB)
    64K (1.08GB)
    Shock Rating (Gs): Operating ??
    Non-operating ??
    Auto Park N/A
    Maximum Number of Internal Hard Drives 1
    Maximum Aggregate Capacity 1 x 1.08GB (3n)
    Internal Tape Drive Support No
    External Tape Drive Support Yes
    Parallel Port Drives Yes
    PCMCIA-Connected Drives Yes
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    Keyboard Type 84/85-key (9s)
    Numeric Keypad Optional (9s)
    External Keyboard Supported Yes
    LED Indicators on Keyboard Yes
    Popup Tilt Keyboard No
    Keyboard Slope ???
    Palm Rest ???
    Trackball Integrated into Keyboard No
    TrackPoint III Integrated into Keyboard Yes
    Extra TrackPoint III caps Yes (3)
    Quiet Keyboard Operation Yes
    Bolt-Down Option ???
    C2 Security Enabled ???
    Electronic Personalization Feature Yes (h)
    Hard Disk Drive Password No
    Kensington Lock Slot Yes
    Keyboard Password Yes (provided by operating system)
    Keylock-Locks Cover No
    Locks Keyboard No
    Locks Entire System No
    Power-on Password Yes
    Unattended Startup Mode ???
    Privileged Access Password No
    Supervisor Password Yes
    Vital Product Data (VPD) Enabled No
    DESCRIPTION 2640-50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0D/F0E/F0G
    Footprint Type Notebook
    Dimensions: (Height/Width/Depth) 1.22" (31mm) / 11.7" (297mm) / 8.7"
    Weight (With Battery) 4.1 lbs (1.86 kg) (EOA/EOC/F0D/FOE/FOG)
    4.12 lbs (1.87 kg) (50A/50C)
    Spare Battery Weight 0.67 lbs (302 g)
    Removable Diskette Drive Weight 0.56 lbs (255 g)
    1.08GB HDD Weight 0.32 lbs (144 g)
    ThinkPad 560 Port Replicator Weight 0.73 lbs (331 g)
    Carrying Case Optional
    AC Adapter (Universal) Yes
    Specifications ??W, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
    Amperage at: 90-137 VAC 1.0
    100-265 VAC 0.55
    Operating Range: Temperature 41-95� F (0-8,000 ft - without
    50-95� F (0-8,000 ft - with diskette in
    41-88� F (8-10,000 ft - without diskette)
    50-88� F (8-10,000 ft - with diskette in
    Relative Humidity 8-95% (without diskette)
    8-80% (with diskette in drive)
    Maximum Operating Altitude(ft) 10,000
    Maximum Shock (Non-operating) ?? G's
    Maximum Vibration (Operating) ?? G's
    Heat (BTUs/Hour) 136
    Noise (Avg dB, Operating, 1m) 5.1 bels
    Classification 3D (office)
    Software Preloaded Windows 95 (50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0E/F0G)
    OS/2 Warp Connect with WIN-OS/2 (F0D)
    CISPR Approval 22 Class B
    CSA Approval (Canada) C22.2 No. 950
    FCC Certification (USA) Class B
    UL Approval (USA) 1950
    NOM Approval (Mexico) Yes
    SASO Approval (Saudi Arabia) Yes
    VCCI Approval (Japan) Class 2 (0 dB)
    Warranty Period 1 Year
    International Warranty Service Yes (7n)
    Countries Warranty Service Valid In 80+
    On-site/Carry-in Carry-in, or EasyServ (in U.S./Canada)
    Announcement Letter Numbers PCC96-229 (50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0E/F0G)
    PCC96-281 (F0D)
    Date Announced 21May96 (50A/50C/E0A/E0C/F0E/F0G)
    25Jun96 (F0D)
    Date Withdrawn N/A

On Thu, 2 Jun 2011, Jackie McBride wrote:

> Karen, it really depends on how familiar u r w/linux, etc. Vinux comes
> up talking right out of the box. I would argue that it isn't so much
> for people who are "windows minded", but rather for those who are new
> to linux & don't wish to dive in w/both feet into both a new OS &
> trying to configure it for speech/braille/magnifier use as well. In
> other words, its niche is for sight-impaired linux newbies. Having
> said that, though, it has plenty of stuff for the advanced users to
> play with as well. It does by default come up speaking using orca. I
> would urge u that if u have questions about vinux to consider joining
> the vinux mailing list. I can supply that address if you're
> interested. They're a very supportive & friendly group--Tony, Mo,
> Niber, Storm, Bill Cox, & others really do a good job putting it
> together.
> Another thing u might wish to consider is Knoppix-adrianne, which also
> comes up speaking. GRML does not, but speakup is built in. It, too,
> comes up in some sort of weird graphical menu by default. I believe u
> press tab at the boot prompt, then write speakup, & at the end u write
> speakup=synth. Consult the docs on that if you're interested.
> Slackware can also be used as a talking distro. Of all the linux
> distros, that's probably the lightest weight 1 of the lot.
> U should really supply the specs for your machine so folks can be of
> more assistance. Anyway, hth.
> On 6/2/11, Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> normally I denote like such discussions, but I have a specific reason for
>> asking.
>> I have an IBM thinkpad 560f or so that I am wanting to convert to Linux.
>> it is my dos laptop right now, but I am about to upgrade to thinkpad 600x
>> for that purpose.
>> Everything I read about debian motivates me in that direction,  but I am
>> not sure which flavor is best for such a machine.  it has a fine external
>> 9 pin port for a synthesizer, so I should? be fine on that front.
>> Still there is all this buzz about vinux so I thought I would get
>> advantages and disadvantages.  I admit the discussion on the speakup list
>> about a bug in the source distro for vinux has me wanting to skip
>> this...along with that distro being best for the windows minded smiles.
>> Thoughts on my goals?
>> Karen
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