how to build SVox Pico from source

Jason White jason at
Wed Mar 2 02:03:10 UTC 2011

Kyle  <blinux-list at> wrote:
>That method worked perfectly. I now have a working local build, except I 
>still get the segfault after pico2wave runs, just like on Ubuntu. I'm 
>not sure why this happens, but the segfault comes after the program has 
>run, and the Debian maintainer hasn't been able to make it stop doing 
>that, so it's probably not a complete showstopper. 

Is this an x86-64 machine? There was a bug that caused seg-faults under
x86-64, which Samuel Thibault fixed. After applying his patch (which was
submitted to Debian as well) I no longer get seg-faults.

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