audio capturing in LInux?

Martin McCormick martin at
Wed Jul 18 17:06:27 UTC 2012

	If I can get mplayer to play the audio, I have run it in
capture mode before as in the following example:

mplayer -noconsolecontrols -really-quiet -dumpstream -playlist  \

	That gets our local NPR station's HD1 and main channel

	If you need to listen to it while it is coming in, then
open a new window with screen or however you are doing things.
cd to the directory where you are capturing the stream so it is
right there and try something like this:

mplayer -quiet stream.dump

	What you get will depend upon the kind of stream you are
capturing, but it usually works. You can even move back and
forth through what you hav captured if it is seekable to begin
with but if you happen to move forward past the end of the
stream, you do not get to listen in to the future, but instead,
you get dropped as the stream ends. Just start that operation
over as it, of course, didn't kill your capture, and try not to
fall off the end this time.

Karen Lewellen writes:
> Hi Larry,
> Indeed on the sound cloud situation. I understand though, which is is why 
> I
> asked about a comparative program to audio hijack pro that one can just
> play the file and capture it that way. The workshop I desire has two
> players, the audio is embedded, with the swf extension, flash? A slightly
> different format more opensource is being represented as an apple
> alternative.
> but the on line webnirs take place in real time, so I wonder about those?
> Karen
> On Sat, 14 Jul 2012, Hart Larry wrote:
>     Hi Karen: As far as "soundcloud" many times there are downloads for
>     individual trax, but other times it will say "this track is not
>     downloadable" There are ways in running xvfb with firefox to capture
>     audio, but it certainly takes configuring, but at a point maybe I can
>     help, or others on this list would offer suggestions.
>     Hart
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