Accessible VMWare images

thomasloft at thomasloft at
Sun Mar 18 15:01:47 UTC 2012


Just for fun I have created some VMware images of several linux distros.

I have observed that most distros either don't work out of the box or only
provide speech feedback through screen readers.

Vinux is great but Orca is in my experience really sluggish and unreliable
with later versions of Firefox, not to mention unity.

Staying with M$ and FS$ is unfortunately necessary for some Windows users.

But what if you want to try out Linux but are not ready to jump ship?

If you already have JAWS, NVDA and aren't prepared to switch completely to
linux, a partial solution is having two concurrent OS installations - a
Windows/Mac OS X host and a linux guest running in a virtual machine.

There you have the best of both worlds, direct access to the Windows
programs which are not yet available in Linux and the Linux command line.

Unfortunately OpenSSH server is not enabled by default in any distros I
know, and even in the rare exception that SSH can be run from a life
distro, you either don't have speech feedback or the network settings are
not accessible.

I therefore desired to create some VMWare images that would be connectable
via SSH.

I have made SSH connectable  VMWare images of the following systems:

Archlinux (latest)
Debian Squeeze
FreeBSD 9.0
OpenBSD 5.0

All the images are "clean" apart from the OpenSSH server running at startup.
The images  can be run in the VMWare Player.

If it's of any interest, I am willing to make them available if I can find
a hosting arrangement.

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