video file playing in debian?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Mon May 14 23:16:31 UTC 2012

Thanks again, Paul was it? and Larry, who understands what I mean.
In this case, I found  rather a few editions of cBS's person to person, 
and almost fainted...and that was by accident.
I did know that lynx was in debian, and suspected there might be a firefox 
loop whole, indeed due to the flash issue.
What I admit is a bit frustrating is time.
or how I prefer to use mine.
Given my preference, I would find an expert here in Toronto who knows 
debian and access, then pay them to give me some training from a task 
related standpoint and  do the configuring I require...and show me where 
to go for help.
Having someone else create the machine without my involvement tends to 
backfire, especially if they know nothing about  access, and I am not a 
tutorial sort of person.
At least I know it can be done, after I finish reading all the manuals 
Thanks again,

On Mon, 14 May 2012, Hart Larry wrote:

> Sure Karen, here are some suggestions, first of all, you can fixup your mime 
> types files in Lynx so you can check out live streams, but I am not an 
> expert. Also, what we did in my Debian machine is to run xvfb running firefox 
> as a frame buffer to play media, which normally would not play in a 
> commandline.  So what I do is find a url of a page with a stream, paste that 
> url in to an xvfb command, and I can listen live to many of the news-channels 
> I want.  You see, many of these urls are flash or other kinds of hidden 
> nonsense, but firefox will many times find them.  Certainly if you find an 
> actual media url, you can type that in to mplayer and enjoy.  If you wanna 
> save these recordings, that can be done-and-I will be glad to suggest when 
> that time comes
> Hart
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