Big project with pulseaudio and streaming

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Fri Nov 16 12:47:19 UTC 2012

Ah, I'm behind on the thread -- sorry.

One quick observation ...

Jack can be driven pretty effectively from the command line, which means
it might be possible to script a particular setup. You may not have to
rely on gui tools.


Kyle writes:
> Ah yes, I just found out about jackd yesterday as a matter of fact.
> I didn't realize it was so powerful. I actually thought I *needed*
> pulseaudio to move audio from specific applications, even those
> unaware of its existance, to another output, but it looks like jackd
> can also do this. Worse still is the fact that I have to convince at
> least one Mac user that such niceness can be had on Linux without
> having to be a total geek, so I'm trying to work within graphical
> environments, rather than staying in the text world, where I know
> this kind of thing is possible in multiple ways. This doesn't at all
> preclude the possibility of using text-based tools, which I am
> heavily leaning toward doing, but it may require writing scripts or
> rather specialized applications to streamline the process,
> especially after this initial attempt.
> In my attempts to promote free software and its benefits, I refuse
> to be defeated by such a small application issue, especially when I
> know that it is possible to do all kinds of great things with free
> software that are just not possible, and other great things that,
> while possible, are certainly frowned upon and even called illegal
> and worse things, in the proprietary world. It's great to know that
> specialized needs such as pro audio can be filled without having to
> give up the freedoms I have come to love. Thanks all for the help,
> and keep it coming, as I'm not known as a professional audio geek,
> though I do use Audacity and some other cool stuff from time to time
> <smiles>
> ~Kyle
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