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Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Nov 17 20:45:18 UTC 2012

On 11/16/12 16:14, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> A friend sent me a link today to a page featuring a reading she
> did which is in the archive of a radio station. for a number of
> reasons, largely because I am TELNETTing to shellworld via
> dialup, not going directly to this page from outside of here, I
> cannot even begin to play this...I am not even sure what format
> the file is in etc. I am going to paste the link below, and ask
> what I would require in debian squeeze to manage this sort of
> link in an accessible fashion? Wanting to be very task specific
> here if I can. thanks and here is the link. Karen

Good grief, the actual media URL was buried in that.  I dug around,
and this particular episode eventually points to

as the underlying 43-meg MP3 file, which you can play on just about
everything.  To get that, I clicked on the Play icon (which wasn't
very accessible) of the page you linked to.  That pointed to

I then viewed the source on that and noticed a line that read


down around line 126.  So I pulled out that URL and opened that:

and viewed the source on *that* result which gave me the above MP3
link in the <location> tag.

Ugly, but at least you have the audio source URL for that file.  It
would take some serious scripting magic to do that digging for you.

I did notice that there was a link to the podcast RSS feed on that site:

which can be passed to any podcatcher.  I like hpodder (readily
available here on my Debian box with an "apt-get install hpodder").
 If you don't care about a quick hpodder tutorial, you can skip the
rest of this email <grins>.

You should just be able to issue


to configure where you want downloaded podcasts to be put, and
whether you want some default podcasts.  You can then add the above
RSS URL with:

  hpodder add ""

You can pull down the list of pending downloads with

  hpodder update

and review them with

  hpodder lseps

(that "lseps" is "list episodes") which should list all your
podcasts and the status--whether they're pending download,
downloaded, or you skipped them (or possibly whether there was an
error in the attempt).  You can run "hpodder download" to download
any pending ones, "hpodder catchup -n 3 1" will mark all episodes of
"podcast 1" (each podcast feed has an ID, so the first one you added
was #1) as skipped except the most recent 3 episodes.  The man pages
have more.  I like to schedule a cron job to run at midnight to
issue a "hpodder fetch" to update all 35 of my podcast feeds and
download them all into their corresponding destinations.


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