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According to John G. Heim:
# Interesting. I sure would like to switch to linux full time. I tried 
about 6 months ago and gave up in frustration. Mostly my frustration was 
with web browsing. I just could not fogure out what orca wanted me to do 
with firefox/iceweasel. And I couldn't find any documentation either.

Where specifically were you having trouble with Firefox/Iceweasel? Some 
of the first things to keep in mind is that Firefox is kept updated 
better than Iceweasel, so newer versions of Firefox work better with 
Orca, and that Orca uses no virtual buffers or form modes, so you 
experience a page layout that is more similar to the real page layout. 
Additionally, since Orca doesn't need a form mode of any kind, you can 
simply tab onto a textbox or dropdown list and have the ability to just 
type in it, arrow through it, etc. You also may want to open your Orca 
preferences for Firefox by pressing control insert space from any web 
page and turn off "Automatically start speaking a page when it is first 
loaded." This will save you a lot of slowdowns and headaches, as Orca 
will simply report that the page has finished loading and possibly the 
link you are on, if applicable. Hope this helps.
> I see you use Thunderbird for email. I am still using Windows at my job and switched over to Thunderbird for Windows recently. The previous time I tried to switch over to linux full time was about 5 years ago. At the time, everybody on the orca list was using evolution. I might be willing to try Thunderbird for linux since I'm already using Thunderbird for Windows.
> I do linux system administration but I do all my work on a Windows machine via ssh. I'd like to switch to linux for my desktop too. First of all, I think it would look better. I don't like it when the linux users I am supposed to be supporting come in and see me using Windows. Plus, I think I'd do a better jobif I used linux full time.
> Maybe I'll try it one more time

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