some bees nest stirring, was just how much can you do with?

Hart Larry chime at
Mon Mar 4 21:03:43 UTC 2013

Well Karen, first, thank you, you probably inspired a most exciting-and-useful 
group of discussions in a long history of these lists.
Now, about your basic question here, in this day-and-age since bandwidth and 
file sizes are larger, it sure make life easier to muti-task.  As an example, I 
have 23 consoles in Linux.  Console 1 I am constantly on Shellworld, while 
console 13 sits in my news videos directory-and-I may be downloading a large 
speech from get_flash_videos.  While I can switch over to console 4 and play 
from a large collection of mp3s.  On console 23 I would be watching or 
recording a newscast from Aljazeera.  I remember many years ago in pure DOS 
with a dialup, uploading a 59MB file which took 11hours.  I could do anything 
with the machine for all that time.  Likewise I wouldn't go back, but also like 
the chance to run DOS in Linux.  I have a homepage creating program which only 
runs in DOS, so I have the best of both worlds.
In addition, I haven't mentioned even longer actions such as downloading 
bittorrents or grabbing files in trn on usenet.
And with now 4sound-cards I have even more options.
Thanks again

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