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I am running ubuntu 1012 on a Mac book pro. I partitioned my hard drive. I was trying to just do simple commands to see if I could nivigate the terminal window with any kind of fluency. I started out by sending a "pwd" then "ls" and so on but the output of the window I was unable to read. I will try again and let you all know. This Orca + U command sounds like it should work. Thanks. 

By the way I will need to use VI in the terminal is this not going to be very useful for me with Orca? I write code in VIM on my mac but if I am going to make the switch to Linux some day I would still like to use Vi or VIM what ever it is called on Linux. Thanks
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On May 1, 2013, at 11:32 AM, Kyle <kyle4jesus at gmail.com> wrote:

> According to Sam Hartman:
> # Consider for example an app that updates a clock every second...
> Oh yes, for that you probably need the keypad-dash key, or the laptop
> equivalent to force flat review mode. I guess I should have said that
> with most editor applications and other things that don't redraw a lot,
> the flat review moves automatically. From my experience, forcing flat
> review should start at the last cursor position. Not sure what that
> would do if the cursor keeps moving to a clock or something else that
> updates quite frequently though, when you really need to be on a
> different line of text.
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