Hart Larry chime at
Mon Aug 18 04:54:20 UTC 2014

OK, several weeks ago after alot of back-and-forth, I had to contact their 
Europe division which sells version 9 for Linux. They did send a link-and-trial 
number. When I installed, it seemed to require my running as root, which 
eventually we worked around with a sudo in an option in a script which a `quite 
helpful LUG member created for me. Since his script is more than 
50lines-and-also I did not ask if I can post. Anyway, it now does an excellent 
job scanning.
Their site has its share of javascript, so at least with Lynx, you can see an 
option list of currencies, but you cannot ajust from Euros to Dollars. In elinks 
you don't even see that list, so Andy looked-and-the home edition is $200 about 
twice what I was expecting, but since it does so much better a job than just 
running tesseract by itself, I will probably purchase. Thanks for an earlier tip 
in finding ABBYYOCR as an option

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