Adding a Podcast Feed through torsocks?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Aug 23 18:11:50 UTC 2014

Well, last week I purchased a book by Johnathan Mosen on proxy servers. I 
wrote-and-asked him about some specifics involving Linux? He didn't know. So, I 
would like to subscribe to
I am running hpodder, a most intuative client, which examines meta data. But if 
I grab epesodes, all of them are 101K  probably a geo blocking message. So if I 
run torsocks infront of hpodder  it says something about trouble parsing feed.
Can some1 please inform on a best way of adding podcasts in a proxy setup? O, 
running Debian 3.16 Speakup and a DecTalk U S B
Thanks so much in advance

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