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Sam Hartman hartmans at
Wed Jul 29 12:32:09 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Baechler <tony at> writes:

    Tony> OK, how about this?  Even taking into account the differences
    Tony> in command names (mv instead of rename, cp for copy, etc) how
    Tony> do you make something like this work?
@echo off
echo Test DOS batch file
if "%1" == "" goto help
goto end
echo You must enter a command line parameter.
echo You entered %1.

#in bash labels (functions) need to come before use

help() {
echo "You must enter a command line parameter"
if [ "$1" = "" ]; then  help
else echo "you entered $1"

Note that functions are not quite like goto.  The function returns when
it is done.  Put exit at the end of your function if you don't want

However, the same thing in a more bashy way:

if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
echo You must enter a command line parameter
else echo You entered $1

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