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I am probably the one who made the quit about the "blind community". And yes, that label does cause a "us vs. them response). Still, when it comes to the world in general, we all have to educate others and some of them just won't listen. Frankly, to me, it doesn't matter too much. Every group, regardless of disability, race, etc has its elitists and also has its common folks.

Unfortunately, community is needed just now because, without it, no one will listen. If everyone listened, there wouldn't be a need.

Now, as for me… I am about as individual as they get. I can function independently, read braille, type pretty fast and I still have my health. I don't like collective groups, but they can be a useful tool for getting some things done. Thats pretty much the same thing with Linux. Its a collective group that has one idea in mind: free and open source. Anything wrong with that? nope!

now, perhaps we have gotten a bit off track here.


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> Um, to the non-existent community person, did you really mean to respond to me? I believe I ultimately said the same thing. I'm not the one who mentioned some "blind community," and I for one also believe this is something that simply doesn't exist. I'm just as human as you, and I work toward humanization of all humans, not discrimination against any human, which is why I also struggle to inform people of the real ramifications of the whole "blind" vs "sighted" attitude. Once we can get to the place where we are all human whether our eies fully work or not, then we can solve a lot more of the world's problems, including the "mainstream" vs "specialized" problem.
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