Sonar GNU/Linux merges with Vinux

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Wed Apr 26 10:58:39 UTC 2017

Tony Baechler here.

On 4/24/2017 11:23 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Regardless of the method used, I'm not sure boot messages are all that
> important to the average user or even the average power user. The
> functionality might be useful to some sysadmins, but I'm not convinced
> the convenience kernel integration provides to these few is worth the
> extra hassle involved in maintaining these and keeping software
> upgrades easy for those who hear kernel and think popcorn.

Well, you're very lucky. You've never had your system stop because fsck 
failed. You've never been stuck at a busybox prompt in your initramfs with 
no clue as to what went wrong. You've never had your RAID array fail. You've 
never had to fight with LVM to get your volumes mounted. By the way, fsck 
failed on my desktop, not a server. It seems that e2fsprogs upgraded my 
filesystem to ext4dev without telling me and I didn't have the ext4dev 
driver in my initramfs. When I was first learning Linux in 2000, shortly 
after Speakup development started, I kept getting a kernel panic. The only 
way I knew was because I got the boot messages. It turned out I was doing 
something wrong. Without Speakup, I would've given up on Linux. No, a serial 
console isn't the same thing and doesn't give you the same freedom. Yes, I'm 
fortunate to have hardware speech. Regardless of the effort, I want my boot 

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