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Thu Apr 27 23:20:16 UTC 2017

The computers I use are ARM-based. One is based around an ARMv7 8-core 
32-bit processor, and the other is based around an aarch64, (ARMv8) 
64-bit quad-core processor. Both run from removable eMMC flash storage 
has a capacity of 64GB on the 32-bit machine and 128GB on the 64-bit 
machine. Either is capable of running a full MATE desktop with Firefox, 
Thunderbird, Firefox, Pidgin and LibreOffice all running at the same 
time. In fact, I'm using the 64-bit machine to write this message, and 
it's my primary computer for now, although I tend to alternate between 
this one and the 32-bit 8-core machine. Both are very small; you can 
hold them in one hand. I can give exact specs if you wish for both of 
these. That said, there is a machine coming that may be even better in 
the future, as there is talk of RISC-V, which is a fully free and open 
processor architecture that has the potential to be more powerful than 
anything we've seen up to now. I'm watching this very closely.

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