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Fri Apr 28 15:26:08 UTC 2017

I've downloaded the sources here, both sbl and kbdsniffd, and managed to compile them.
It seems it's working as far as the log file says.
I see that there's --speech option, to set the speech syntesizer to use, which defaults to none.
I tried espeak, but no luck here.
What should I type here to use espeak?

Also, the makefile says "make sure Orca is installed in blah-blah...
python2.7... blah-blah, which is not possible - Orca uses python3 now.
What's Orca used for here?
If it's used for speech, that's bad, cause probably sbl should be
ported to python3, or at least the related parts.
I haven't looked at the source code yet to see what's doing what.

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Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 01:51:22PM +0000

> Okay, since I've always used SBL with a keyboard and have never had
> luck switching out a Knoppix custom kernel for a Vanilla Debian
> kernel, I'm guessing the problem is that the Knoppix kernel has the
> keyboard sniffing patch and the Debian kernel doesn't.
> Obviously, this raises two questions:
> 1. How would one interested in experimenting with these things go
> about patching the latest 4.x kernel from Debian Testing?
> 2. is there any reason the keyboard sniffer couldn't be brought into user land?
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