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Fri Dec 15 22:17:18 UTC 2017

Most of us on this list are blind, and most of us have installed Linux, 
some more than once, with no help at all. Usually, you need to press 
something like the escape key to choose your drive from the boot menu, 
which is usually at the bottom. You can get to it by pressing the down 
arrow key. Yes there is the restricted boot problem, but more than a few 
Linux distributions have been able to get around this now.

Regarding the stability of the Linux host, Linux is just more stable, 
especially under load. Windows tends to crash too easily, and when it 
does, it will take your Linux virtual machine right along with it. 
Windows is also far more open to malware and viruses that can destroy 
the entire hard drive, Linux virtual machine included, whereas Linux, 
though it does have security exploits from time to time, is less likely 
to get distabilized by such things to the point that it destroys the 
whole OS and all your files.

Regarding recording Flite voices, you will need to do that on the 
machine where you intend to record the voice. If you are using a remote 
connection or a virtual machine, you will get far too much latency, 
especially if you need to start and stop recording.
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