Are their other Working Weather Scripts?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Feb 2 17:49:13 UTC 2017

You can try


which should attempt to find you by IP address and dump the weather
to the terminal.  It does some fancy-ANSI stuff to colorize it &
draw boxes, and it wrapped a little on my 80-column display.

You can also customize it:

Airport codes:  curl
Cities: curl
Postal codes: curl
Help: curl

Hope this gets you what you need.

[sorry if this was a dupe; I had mail-server issues]

On February  1, 2017, Larry Hart wrote:
> Well, for many years I have been running a "wx" script which goes
> through Wunderground telnet site. Well, I think that site is off
> the air. This script is from 2009, but earlier versions I think go
> much ferther back. Can some1 please suggest an alternative
> commandline script for receiving current conditions and forecasts?
> Thanks so much in advance Hart
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