Blind vs. mainstream distros

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Mon May 1 16:38:56 UTC 2017

Hello, this is Samuel,

Christopher, on ven. 21 avril 2017 20:05:04 -0500, wrote:
> I also think that custom distributions is just part of the Linux ecosystem.
> How many custom distributions are there out there to satisfy every niche?


> I don't think this should be any different for the blind Linux user.

It is different, in that the custom distributions are meant for
particular use cases, e.g. music, physician, children, etc.  Support for
accessibility is however something entirely orthogonal to that, and all
those custom distributions actually should be accessible: blind
musician, blind physician, blind child, etc.

I agree that having a specialized distro to ship the latest
accessibility improvements for testing etc. makes sense.  But on the
broad sense, it shouldn't be that way.


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