Possibly Off-Topic: Elia, a tactile alphabet proclaiming to be an intuitive alternative to Braille.

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Sun Apr 22 18:35:57 UTC 2018

It did look a little interesting, but I share much of the same 
skepticism. I have no problem at all with Kickstarter, and I don't even 
have a problem with the method of getting the letters to raise up on the 
sheet of paper. However, I do have a bit of a problem with some company 
saying they found something that works better than braille, when what 
they really have done is try to change the English alphabet. I mean 
really, if you're gonna modify an inkjet printer to print raised 
letters, then you don't have to modify the alphabet in any way except to 
make the letters larger so they are easy to feel. If the target truly is 
those people who have become blind or visually impaired later in life, 
then what is the point of making them learn new letters, when using the 
same technique, they could simply read the letters they have used all 
their lives? Just my thoughts.

Imetumwa kutoka sakafu

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