Dividing Daisy Audiobooks.

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Fri Dec 21 16:54:03 UTC 2018

Good Afternoon (UTC+1 here),

as a Daisy book contains mp3 files and XML files containing the
associated meta data, it should be possible.

However I don't know a program doing that for Linux. There is one
for Windows which can also do much more: http://www.daisy.org/tobi

But can't you just use daisy-player? It has useful navigation
features, just type man daisy-player to know the key bindings.

However, Maybe the DAISY Pipeline project provide tools that
can help you splitting and merging:

I gathered the download links to what they provide, but have yet
to look at the content to know if that's usable and relevant:


Didier Spaier
Slint project http://slint.fr

On 21/12/2018 17:07, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Good Morning,
> I have a few Gigabytes worth of Daisy audiobooks, mostly magazines I
> either copied from cartridges sent by NLS or downloaded from the BARD
> website.
> My digital media player(a Blaze ET) is authorized to play Daisy
> audiobooks Encrypted with BARD's DRM, but it takes a really long time
> to load ones with longer play times, and navigating within a long
> Daisy program is a bit annoying.
> Does anyone know a way of splitting a Daisy audiobook into a separate
> audiobook for each top-level heading with little to no loss of audio
> quality and retaining all lower level headings? Ideally, I'd like to
> separate each Magazine into a separate Daisy folder for each article
> and to be able to split any future novels I add to my Daisy collection
> into one Daisy book per chapter, just as I merge my rips of CD audio
> books into one flac file per chapter.
> If the process can use the input Daisy book to automatically give the
> separated parts a meaningful title/filename, all the better.

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