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Hi folks,
hopefully some of you can insure Linux  gets included in this effort.

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I know this is off topic for this list, but I thought some of you screen
reader users might be interested in participating in this study:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and its partners (including American
Council of the Blind, Association for the BVI, Blind Service Association,
ALA-Office for Information Technology Policy, Learning Ally, National
Federation of the Blind-WI Chapter, and Vision Forward, Milwaukee Public
Libraries, Milwaukee Public Museum, and Milwaukee Art Museum) are
collaborating to develop digital library design guidelines on accessibility,
usability, and utility for blind and visually impaired (BVI) users. The
project will benefit the approximately 20.6 million Americans with
significant vision loss who cannot use digital libraries effectively because
of the libraries' sight-centered design. The goal: to make digital libraries
more universally accessible.

The researchers are looking to identify a few more screen reader users who
are available to participate in the "diary" phase of the study for February
2018.  Those interested in participating will complete a prescreening form
to determine their eligibility for the study. The diary group will complete
a pre-questionnaire via Qualtrics, an orientation task and 2 search tasks
for two Digital Libraries (DL). Participants will have two (2) weeks to
complete the tasks and record as many problems encountered in each DL in
diary format (Word documents). Following the use of each DL, the diary
participants will complete a post-questionnaire via Qualtrics. Follow-up
interviews will be incorporated to provide clarification on diary or
post-questionnaire responses. The whole process takes approximately 3 hours
and 30 minutes, but writing times may vary. Please note: as a diary study,
this is a fairly writing-intensive study.

Each participant will be offered $100 electronic Amazon gift card for their
participation in the study. Please contact Melissa directly at
castil44 at uwm.edu <mailto:castil44 at uwm.edu>  <mailto:castil44 at uwm.edu>, if
you are interested. If you know anyone who might be interested in
participating, please forward this email on to them.

Thank you!

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