Why does C-Panel not run on Debian Systems?

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Sun Jan 7 15:22:44 UTC 2018

Hi all,
> So a while back, my friend helped me set up my first server running 
> Ubuntu 16.04, but we had some problems with PHP7, as many 
> applications, like Freepbx did not run on PHP7. So we rebuilt our OS 
> to debian 8 and had some success. My friend wants me to transfer all 
> of my web site data, including Team Talk to a Cent OS 6.5 server so I 
> can install C-Panel, which comes with its own e-mail mail transfer 
> agent, something I haven't been able to fix on my server manually. The 
> major difference of going from a Debian distribution to a RedHat one 
> is that there will be a different set of package management commands, 
> and possibly more, just as I have been getting used to using Ubuntu 
> and Debian.
> Also, C-Panel is not free, but fortunately it's not too expensive. I 
> heard on the Audio Games forum that C-Panel is not a preferred way to 
> manage a server as you don't learn how the puzzles pieces fit together 
> by solely using the command-line interface.
> If someone can tell me more about their experiences with this I would 
> greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> -Harmony
> http://www.sensation-experience.com/

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