archlinux lxde ratpoison adventure

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Wed Dec 25 13:53:43 UTC 2019

I'm about to phone be my eyes after this holiday and find out what's
going on with the screen.  I did a bit more reading so installed
xorg-init and its dependencies leaving twm out and installing xterm
since I've read ratpoison and xterm get along well enough.  I got
speech-dispatcher-git and festival working and have orca on the machine
too.  After running startx and hearing the information speak about xorg
and having speech go silent I don't have orca coming up once alt-f2 and
orca is run.  I'll check if gsettings is on this machine and try a
couple orca accessibility commands done by gsettings to see if those
help before calling be my eyes though since those may help.  I prefer
logging in on command line then only starting up graphical if I need
something graphical can do better since that way I'm already logged in.

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> Hi,
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> > I can't yet get this combination running since ratpoison can't find a
> > DISPLAY yet.  The linux system had a command line environment earlier and
> > had no need of a DISpLAY at that time.  I'm curious to know if ratpoison
> > will be better than xorg and I've already got ratpoison in my .xinitrc
> > file.
> >
> ratpoison is a window manager and depends on xorg (see
> ) and does not replace it.
> Just my 2 cents.
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