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If you want to learn use of the command line, you want to learn how to
use what's called a shell. bash is a good choice these days. There are

Google for "bash linux" and you'll get results like the following:

If there's a particular task you want to perform from the console
environment, also known as the cli, the options depend on what task
you're interested in learning. For example, if you want to use mail on
the cli, you might want to learn about mutt:

There are tweaks you need to make to mutt's configuration file, .muttrc
in order to use it effectively with console speech like speakup.

If you want to play audio, try mplayer.

Etc., etc.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Hello,
> I was wondering what applications where are for commend line input for arch linux? I know arch cones with a repository but is that for desktop environments or is it available for command line? Lastly, where or what could I read to learn arch linux? The wiki does not help.
> Thanks in advance  
> Sincerely,
> Michael maslo
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