Comunicating from your Linux machine?

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Thu Sep 12 15:25:07 UTC 2019

On slint we have telegram-cli and although receiving functions work I'm
not certain sending functions work yet.  It is a new slint package
having first lived in slackbuilds repository so may not have been built
properly this last time.  Other distributions may have better compiled
versions of telegram-cli available.  It's worth checking.  You will need
a cell phone and to provide your cell phone number to telegram-cli to
set up an account since for future logins you'll use your username and
the provided login code.  The login code is sent to your cell phone and
you enter it on the computer to finish setting up your account.

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> Subject: Re: Comunicating from your Linux machine?
> > Telegram works fine here using emacs +emacspeak.
> >
> > Is there a specialized client you run to make that work, or can it run in a
> > regular terminal? The Telegram app I saw was a graphical app, but I think I
> > don't have something set properly, although I assume it's a qt5 app, and I
> > had Mumble qt5 working. I would prefer something that interfaces with
> > Pidgin, so I stick to the phone for Telegram, as I just didn't look hard
> > enough to find a Pidgin plugin, and Pidgin here seems to have trouble with
> > voice. That said, looking for telegram didn't yield a Pidgin plugin,
> > although I do recall seeing a text client, though it seems it was separate
> > from the "official" (air quotes there) client.
> ~Kyle
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