A Live Boot Image for the Mac that Talks

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Sun Feb 2 18:14:21 UTC 2020

	It is Macs from 2017 or later that don't allow booting
from foreign media.  Mine is from 2012 so it should boot a
properly-formatted external drive.

	After 2016, Apple included a disk security system called
the T2 chip that let's you approve individual drives but of
course, they still need to be correctly formatted.

	As for wodin, I don't remember how many years I have been
using that but it has never let me down.

Martin McCormick

Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com> writes:
> I don't have any experience with Macs or writing bootable images to
> USB sticks(I just burn isos to DVD using wodim when I need to make a
> new Linux disc), but my first two thoughts are:
> 1. Perhaps the Mac's bios isn't configured to allow booting from USB
> media. I know I've had to get sighted assistance to fix the bios boot
> order on every laptop and desktop I've acquired since going blind
> before I could boot installation media to install Linux... I even had
> to do it for a netbook that came pre-loaded with Ubuntu if memory
> serves.
> 2. I could be wrong, but I believe the files needed for making a
> CD/DVD bootable and making a USB stick bootable are different. If so,
> even a properly written iso might not result in a bootable USB stick
> if the iso only includes the files needed for booting from CD/DVD.
> Again, no experience with making bootable USB sticks, so I might be
> horribly mistaken.

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