anonymity, threads, signatures, and confusion

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Wed Jun 24 21:03:15 UTC 2020

On Wed, 24 Jun 2020, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I'm not sure who the list owner/administrator is or even if they're
> active, but I assume Rich would've already tried to figure out a way
> to conceal e-mail addresses without completely anonymizing the list if
> he had the access to do so.
If memory serves, it was the list manager who implemented the current 
environment, meaning choice and ability was involved.

> That said, asking for users to include some kind of  tag line in their
> posts to make it easier to keep straight who said what isn't an
> unreasonable request, and while I doubt I'll actually make a habit of
> it because I'm somewhat absent-minded and forming new habits is hard
> and pretty much anyone can just ignore the request, actually  getting
  hostile about it seems uncalled for.

If memory serves it takes less than 30 days to adopt a new habit.  Far 
from hard.
As for hostel, who?
Surely you are not projecting an interpretation of a posters emotional 
state from words on a screen?
Especially if  punctuation often associated with hostility is absence?

As stated, and agreed to, nothing currently prevents a person from 
providing details about themselves in posts.
If individuals are not choosing to do as much, while still learning here, 

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