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Calm down. Have I ever said that Orca is a "stinking pile of poo-poo?" No.
It's a nice screen reader. I just can't trust it on the web because of the
afford-mentioned quick navigation keys and focus/browse mode being two
separate things. Also my goodness how long did you try out NVDA's object
navigation: a minute? Did you read the documentation? Lastly, yes, JAWS'
idea of a literal virtual buffer is stupid. NVDA handles it far better.
Devin Prater
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>      OK this is just one example you cite, but what the hell is object
> navigation? What the hell is an object? I had to try that once and was
> nothing but confused by it. Flat review works, and although it's not
> perfect, it does work well enough for me to know what is in a window
> that is not being read out loud right away, and I can either click a
> control with mouse emulation or even route the real mouse pointer to it
> and click it, again with mouse emulation, or God forbid, a real mouse,
> or even a trackball if I so desire. Now that's good stuff right there.
> No, it's not perfect, but it's pretty damn good for what it does, and
> it's certainly not some confusing as hell object shit. Does this NVDA
> even know what a flat review is or how to allow you to navigate a window
> other than by some black magic that is objects?
> And if they decide they want to take the whole source of the page out of
> my browser and stick it into some concept of a virtual screen reader
> buffer, then I'm certainly done with it before it ever gets started. The
> virtual buffer was an ugly and frankly shitty hack that never should
> have been introduced into a screen reader, but every screen reader over
> there implemented it because this jaws cream of the crap you speak of
> did it first, so naturally everybody had to do it. Again, Orca's browser
> implementation is certainly not perfect, and if you think you can
> improve upon it or even reinvent it in such a way that it actually works
> better, then you're certainly welcome to try. Just stop trashing Orca in
> the process. It's not perfect, but it's certainly not a stinking pile of
> poo-poo either. Now that Jaws over there, yeah, that one's a damn
> stinking pile of poo-poo, and I really wish people would get it out of
> their heads to say that they do so much right when all they do has been
> wrong from day one. Table with 3 columns and 37 rows has shown up in
> emails people have copied to me more times than I can cound, and you can
> quite easily guess what they used to copy the text. Frankly, it's beyond
> disgusting.
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