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Thu Nov 18 20:10:22 UTC 2021

The sound output can be switched from your MATE sound settings in 
applications->sound and video->sound. This is due to the fact that Fedora is 
using pipewire and wireplumber by default instead of Pulseaudio, and proper 
switch-on-connect support may not be fully enabled yet, although once you set it 
the first time, it seems to work. Pipewire can currently replace Pulseaudio, the 
ALSA front end stuff and even Jack, but it is still a work in progress that is 
used by default to give the wider community a chance to test things. So bumps in 
the road will still occur. For example, plugging in my headphones with their 
microphone to my computer results in the expected output switch, but the input 
doesn't switch automatically. But this is not a showstopper here, since I can 
switch the input easily enough, and if I use a USB box, both input and output 
are switching for me after setting it the first time. Still, I do believe this 
will get fixed, since my 3.5mm headphones didn't switch the output the first 
time I plugged them into the computer - the sound kept coming out of my speakers 
and actually, the mic didn't work at all, and now everything but the automatic 
input is switching correctly.

I use braille so little that I didn't notice any problem, but it looks like your 
user is not in the brlapi group by default. This causes permission errors when 
Orca tries to read /etc/brlapi.key. Try adding yourself to the brlapi group from 
system->administration->MATE user manager. Unlock it first, then open the 
setting groups window. From there, tick brlapi and logout. The next time you 
login, you should have braille. This is not a failing of the distro, as no one 
user should be in a ton of groups by default. I think if I remember correctly 
though that there is a way to set your groups in the installer. The distros you 
mentioned have their own issues, which you pointed out, along with others you 
hadn't seen yet. So do stick with this, and I believe in the end you'll be 
pretty happy with it overall.

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