Fedora and virtual machines not starting

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Thu Nov 25 15:32:59 UTC 2021

I'm not sure if anyone's reported it yet, I don't have nearly enough 
info aside from this is what I'm doing with qemu and this si what I get, 
no detailed logs or anything and only you and Didier have run into 
things...but you sending in a bug report can't hurt right?

To add to the weirdness....once installed, even when booting from the 
.iso I don't get any sound at all however even after verifying it's 
booted from the image correctly. There's something odd going on with 
virtualizing and my setup and Fedora

On 11/25/21 15:11, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Oddly, I got no sound using both Workstation and MATE-Compiz 34 isos 
> in qemu. This seems like a series of bugs with pipewire and/or 
> wireplumber, they don't like something having to do with 
> virtualization, either something with session management that is 
> different somehow or the virtual sound hardware implementations. 
> Either way, this would appear to explain why most other distros run 
> with sound on a vm, and why Fedora has sound on bare metal, but it 
> doesn't get sound in a virtual machine. Most other distros are still 
> using Pulseaudio out of the box and either haven't yet packaged 
> pipewire and wireplumber or haven't yet made them defaults. As most of 
> the time this kind of thing is tested on bare metal, vm bugs may take 
> longer to find in testing, so this will need to be reported on the bug 
> tracking system if it's not already there. I can take a look and 
> report the bug or either add my findings if it's already reported.
> ~Kyle
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