FYI - Command Line Programs for the Blind

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Wed Apr 13 20:25:33 UTC 2022

I am enjoying this thread, all the individual preferences from me, speaking 
personally,  really illustrating that there is no such thing as a uniform 
blind person.
wished to ask about ebrowse towards that end.
We have it here at shellworld, but one factor that I have always found off 
putting is that I cannot simply run the program on a site and get 
presented the  links  there.
For me personally, having to guess numbers takes a great deal of time, I 
do allot of research, and prefer knowing swiftly where my attention needs 
to go.
Add how I believe? input on text boxes is not uniform, arrow down and 
either find a text field, of hit enter to provide text does not work.
seems allot of a learning challenge to think differently about page 
Still, I likewise believe? the browser has good enough JavaScript 
abilities for many sites.
anyone try the browser on discord for example?

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