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Thu Apr 14 00:22:19 UTC 2022

Will Win11 even run on an 11-year-old i7 with 4GB of RAM?

The 11-year-old I7, no problem at all. They haven't changed much in 
those 11 years. The 4GB of RAM on the other hand won't even run 7 very 
effectively. You will need to bump that up to at least 16 in order to 
get any more useful life out of that machine outside of Linux. I have an 
8-year-old I5 here with 16GB of RAM, and I very rarely see any 
sluggishness from Firefox and Brave, and Thunderbird doesn't even choke 
on large folders as it once did. The main difference is that I bumped up 
the 8GB that was in this machine originally to 16GB, and I changed out 
the magnetic spinner for a solid state drive. I still wouldn't recommend 
running a bloated OS on this machine, but I can't say that I tried it to 
see what would happen either.


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