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Thu Apr 14 12:33:04 UTC 2022

Hmmm, interesting, about "the blind" and being human.

I have no problem with it anyway, because I just wonder: "The blind" has
and will always refer to humans and not some animals.

Then about blind-specific products: the Orca you are using on the
computer is certainly a blindie thing, isn't it? The fact that you
require specialised applications 'made for the blind' to participate in
mainstream activities says otherwise.

Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> writes:

> Well, no, I didn't mean to replace one for-the-blind specialized Linux 
> distribution with another. Everything I said centered around the fact 
> that I use something that anyone can use, I work with anyone, and I am 
> human above all, not the blind. Slint is also a one-man show that is 
> just a specialized Slackware, albeit with some improvements, and even 
> Slackware as old as it is is also a one-man show. I am much more in 
> favor personally of using distributions with much better community 
> support and more than one person maintaining them. Yes, a team can get 
> too large for the good of its own project, but two heads are always 
> better than one, and three can usually be better than 2.
> ~Kyle
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